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Architecture and engineering are meant to enhance life, expressing themselves through quality in construction: function, aesthetics and technique become one, in everything we do.

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Studio 265 Offices

The architectural practice Studio265 was founded in 2004 by a group of architects and civil engineers following a long and successful cooperation. It combines the studies of its members in very important European schools of architecture, such as in France and in Italy, with the reality and the experience gained in Greece over decades of passionate work.
Collaborating together in Studio265 from our offices in Athens and in Paros island, we have undertaken and successfully completed various complex projects in Greece, with a focus on the Cyclades islands. Especially when set in a natural Mediterranean scenery, projects are approached by paying emphasis on the specific characteristics of the land as well as the unique beauty of the Greek landscape.

The main axis of our work is represented by the relationship between the human and the structured space, together with the harmonious integration of the structure with the environment.
Some of the important factors we take into consideration from the very first moment of the project implementation are functionality and aesthetics: attention to details, overview of the concept, uniqueness of design.
The constructions we have carried out follow the most recent development in new building technology and energy conservation, for modern residences as well as for hotels, apartment complex, offices, shops, and tourism-related constructions.

we want the visitor to enter and become part of the structural volume, to perceive the breeze and the light coming through, to feel the constantly occurring dialogue between the interior space and the surrounding environment


people behind the architecture

Studio265 combines the expertise and skills of passionate people into a close-knit team able to achieve results and surprise with creativity and professionalism.

Vazaios Petropoulos

\ architect \ senior executive

he has graduated at the Ecole Speciale d’ Architecture of Paris, France. Since 1982, he has practiced architecture in Athens and the Cyclades. His work involves the design and construction of private residence houses, hotels, offices and shops, as well as restoration of traditional buildings. His vision is to create structures that are part of the outer space, integrating the natural elements (such as sun, air, sea), leading to an open and ongoing dialogue between the interior and exterior space, the buildings and nature.

Dimitris Karelis

\ architect \ senior executive

he studied architecture at the University of Florence, Italy and graduated from the department of architecture of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. In recent years, he mainly deals with the design and construction of residential units and hotels, as well as the interior design of shops. He has participated in architectural competitions, such as the International competition for the “New museum of Acropolis” and was awarded distinctions at the Panhellenic Architectural Competition “Parallel zones & urban events” and the 6th Biennale for Greek Architects with “Residence at Fourni Akratas”.


Christos Smyrnis

\ civil engineer \ chief executive

he holds a diploma degree in civil engineering from the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece and an M.Sc. in construction management from the Birmingham University, United Kingdom. Since 1993, he has been occupied in designing and supervising civil engineering works (buildings, structural analysis and design of expert works, repair and rehabilitation of buildings, issuance of building construction permits) and as a consultant in construction and project management, property management, property development and property evaluation. He is Recognised European Valuer and he holds a Public Works Design Certificate (class B in structural design and in hydraulic works design).

Nikolaos Chatzidimos

\ architect \ chief executive

he is a graduate of the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture (ESA) of Paris, France in 1980. Since then, he has been working as a freelancer in architectural design and construction management. He has participated in competitions and has been awarded the first prize for the University of Komotini, the Industrial School of Piraeus and the Ioannina Medical School. A small sample of his featured design and construction projects in Greece and abroad includes: Ivato International Airport in Madagascar; the luxury hotel complex «Olympic Resort» – Ancient Olympia; space arrangement & equipment supply of offices at the Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Athens; design work at the Athens Metro stations; numerous home designs in Attica and on the islands of Cyclades.

Stratos Pantavos

\ architect \ associate

he graduated from the architectural department of the Polytechnic School of Milan, Italy in 1979. Since then, he has worked in several architectural studios in Italy until he moved back to Athens in 1985, where he has been involved as a freelancer with the entire spectrum of architect activities: design and construction of residential houses, shops and professional spaces, building restoration, furniture design. He constantly strives to be up-to-date with the newest developments in techniques and technologies, with particular interest in bioclimatic architecture since the early 1980s.

Pantelis Theodorakis

\ architect \ associate

he holds a BA in architecture from Portsmouth University and a PGDip in Architecture from London Southbank University since 2006. He has worked on various projects of public interest as the Chania School of Arts, the library for the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University, landscape works and beach formation for Chiliadou Beach, the 3-class kindergarten at Paros island and architectural competitions such as the “International Ideas Competition for the Hellenikon Metropolitan Park and Urban Development” (2nd prize). From 2007 and as a member of Studio265 he mostly deals with the design of residential units, hotels, shops and office spaces for the private sector.

Maria Malaki

\ civil engineer \ associate

she graduated in 2005 with a degree in civil engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. After the appointment as energy inspector in 2013, she graduated with a degree in Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings from the Hellenic Open University in 2017. She also holds a public works certificate in structural design and class A geotechnical studies. Part of Studio265’s team since 2010, she works among other on structural design, arbitrary buildings settlements, small-scale building approvals, pre-contract measurements.

Magda Kefala

\ civil engineer T.E. \ associate

she graduated in 2006 with a degree in civil engineering from the Technical University of Piraeus, department of civil engineering construction. In 2016 she was appointed by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels inspector for hotel and tourist accommodation. In 2017 she was appointed energy inspector by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and building controller by the RIS in 2018. Since 2010, she has been specializing in issues related to arbitrary settlements and town planning, attending series of seminars. She has been working at Studio265 since 2004.

Maria Kotsoroni

\ designer \ associate

she has been collaborating with Studio265 in the field of architectural design since its foundation in 2004.

Vasiliki Somponi

\ business coordinator

she graduated in 2011 with a MEng in civil engineering from the University of Liverpool, department of civil engineering; after four years, she completed a BSc in physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, department of physics. In 2018, she successfully completed the interdisciplinary postgraduate study programme in applied mechanics from the National Technical University of Athens and started to work at Studio265, where she manages an important part of the organizational and business development structure.

we design, we build

We help private citizens, entrepreneurs and communities by improving the quality of the space they live and work in.

Our activity encompasses architectural design and planning, engineering services, construction management and building works.
This translates into a complete “one-stop shop”, hands-on approach to the new building project, which enables us to guarantee absolute quality and fidelity to the original design. Besides, the flexibility we display during the creative phase and most importantly during the construction process contributes to achieving great results in terms of aesthetics, feasibility, cost management and compliance. Through an open dialogue and a collaborative engagement with the client, we are always in the position to listen, adapt and find the right way, while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Sustainability plays a major role in our conceptual model of architecture and we strongly believe in the necessity of promoting balance between human needs for an active yet healthy life and nature preservation. Material selection, water management, intelligent energy sources and technologies, non-invasive environmental impact solutions are constant part of our practice in designing and building contemporary, long living architectural objects.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the company Property265, we offer integrated construction services together with a complete range of property management solutions that help maximizing our clients’ investment.


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