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Activities, events, press releases, art: significant moments of our ongoing story that we enjoy sharing.

We co-founded the company Property265, which operates in the real estate market of Greece as a boutique realty consulting company. As part of a continuous effort to offer investment real estate solutions to clients coming from all over the world, this exclusive strong partnership strengthens the position of Studio265 as an architectural and engineering practice able to satisfy an increasing demand for quality residential buildings and broadens the range of services offered.

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Art Space S265 is a permanent project that aims to represent the creative spirit and the tight bonds between Studio265’s architects and engineers and the contemporary forms of artistic expression in Greece. The harmonious coexistence of architecture and art finds its place in modern space on the island of Paros, ancient centre of the Cycladic culture and now a flourishing attraction pole for exquisite tourism and fine leisure. From the summer of 2016, Art Space S265 host

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Our project in Paros for a luxury villa defines the important architectural dialogue between outdoors and interior spaces according to the Cycladic lifestyle. Read the article (in Greek) @ DesignBoom

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Our project in Tserdakia for a luxury vacation residence that became a “haven” for pure art. Read the article (in Greek) @ Kataskeves Ktirion

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An interactive exhibition promoted by Art Space S265 about the heritage and the present of art in Paros. Read the article (in Greek) @ E.R.T.

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We proudly participated to Open House 2015, the first edition hosted in Greece. 70 buildings were selected and became part of an exploration of the city’s architectural environment, open to everybody. Being one of the most important events for the promotion of architecture all over the world, Open House started in London, UK in 1992 and since then it spread on all continents. Read more about the first edition of Open House in Athens, and discover their initiatives acr

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A stimulating collaboration gave birth to a modern, tradition-inspired composition. Read the article @ The Greek Foundation

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